The Keelung River flows to the northeast edge of the Taipei Basin.
The city’s rebirth of the new land on the riverbank after it has been cut straight. In the overall planning of the Taipei Municipal Government, with the appearance of an international city, the development and construction of a modern shopping and recreation center, low-polluting high-tech industrial park, and riverside residential demonstration area in Taipei City improve the convenient transportation network, rich living functions, bring business opportunities, and accelerate the overall development of the knowledge economy.

In conjunction with the Keelung River rehabilitation plan, preparations began in 1998 in the modern riverside, with the Director of the Preparatory Office as Principal Su Ping. The school building was built in 2002 under the auspices of Mayor Ma Ying-jeou. In 2005, the 7th-grade students were officially enrolled, and Mayor Ma Ying-jeou presided over the opening of the school building. Since then, Taipei Municipal Binjiang Junior High School has shouldered the mission of cultivating world citizens in the new century.

Due to the rapid changes in the social environment, teachers throughout the school responded eagerly to the reform of the current education situation.  The interim school affairs meeting approved the transformation into an experimental education school on June 26, 2019.  Then the school became an IB International Diploma Candidate School on April 14, 2020, and it was officially renamed Taipei Binjiang Experimental Junior High School in the same year.  On December 24, 2020, vice mayor Cai Bingkun presided over the unveiling ceremony, and the IBMYP International Baccalaureate was officially launched in the 109 academic years.