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Experimental Education

BJEJH Mission Statement

BJEJH Mission Statement

Taipei Municipal Binjiang Experimental Junior High School cultivates our students’ love for learning, promoting their consciousness to be a learner with a world horizon, a sincerely caring heart, and technology skills. We strive to support this environment by implementing curricula full of creative practice, technology interaction, caring participation, and aesthetic perception, to prepare our students to become life practitioners and liberal arts learners who make society, Taiwan, and the world a better place.

BJEJH Learner Goals

  • Creative PracticeStudents can practice creativity and thinking through the spirit of proactively seeking knowledge and willingness to try.
  • Technology InteractionStudents can use scientific methods and technology tools to solve problems and communicate effectively.
  • Caring ParticipationStudents can stick to principles, care for others, and continuously reflect on themselves.
  • Aesthetic PerceptionStudents can develop understanding and embrace cultural diversity, as well as achieve physical, mental, and emotional balance through aesthetic experience.